Heydays Design

I’m here to make sure your website:

  • has your dream clients screaming “yaassssss!”

  • makes your life easy, and

  • gets you paid. Can you hear the PayPal notifications?

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As a Web Designer with an English Writing degree and Project Management experience, I understand the importance of processes and clear communication even through design. I’m here to help you nail it with your web design, attract the right people to your site, and get them to sign up, stick around and buy. (Isn’t that what you want?)

You know what buying customers buys you? FREEDOM. Freedom to make your own schedule, freedom to update your wardrobe, to take that trip, to live this life on your own terms.

Let's do this together.  

Why Me? Well, my design is bomb A1 popping adorbs

Plus, I understand that launching and investing in a business is freaking scary. Girl, it’s an emotional roller coaster *cue Vivian Green*

As a newbie, just three months in, I decided to INVEST in my business. I wanted to get in right the first time. So leaped. Wanna know what I overcame? FEAR. I overcame the thought that no one will visit my site or want to work with me or pay me. But I showed up and look at Gawd: here you are visiting my site considering me.

I could go on & on about me + my story: Read more about me: HERE.


Let’s get back to you, shall we? Are you ready for your poppin’ digital home? I know you are, so let’s do this.

Let's build a website that goes above and beyond pretty. My intentional and strategic design will give you the confidence to finally step into your purpose and live the life of your dreams.


The Lovely Day Package is a One Hour Strategy Call Designed for You to "Pick My Brain."


This is perfect if you're the DIYer who can't put your finger on what's missing from your design, don't quite need a full brand makeover and just want the chance to bounce ideas around with a designer.


The Code in a Day Workshop is a Self-Paced Course Designed for You to Customize Your Squarespace Site with Simple Code.

This is designed specifically for boss ladies who DIY'ed the hell out of their Squarespace site, but want to go above and beyond the templates. 


The Done-For-You Design Package.  Strategic & Intentional Design Will Give You More Time To Live Your Dream Life.

This for the entrepreneur ready to live their in purpose and who understands that a fabulous and functional online presence is non-negotiable for a successful brand.