Web Design

I Want To Work With You To Design My Site. What Do I Need To Do? 

Apply for your free consultation then we can chat about your business, your big WHY, and if you are ready to work with a web designer. If I we both want to move forward, then the magic happens. 

How Much Is Your Package? 

The Make My Day Design Pack starts at $2500. There are additional costs for memberships or eCommerce sites, moving a website from one platform to Squarespace and additional pages or features. You can find what is included in the design package my reviewing the Make My Day page. 

How Long Will Design Take? 

It usually takes about 8 weeks from your start date to launch.

Can We Get Started Right Away?

I work with a one client at a time, and chances are I am working with someone right now. But you can secure your spot to be the next up. That's a good thing, though. It gives  you time to take your super cute head shots and write your persuasive copy so when it's your turn, we can get started right away. 

How Can I Save My Start Date?

Your start date is reserved once a signed contract and deposit is received.

What Platform Do You Build On?

I design on Squarespace. I have an amazing network of designers friends who can help me with your Wordpress or Shopify site, though. Just ask!  

I'm Worried About The Price. How Can I Invest in Myself When I'm Not Making Money in Biz?

The thing is you can't afford to NOT invest in yourself right now. You know an appealing online presence can make or break you. If you are here, something's not working for you. Let's change that. 

You can finally invest in yourself or look up next week, next month or next year and realize you are in the same place. Stuck. 

I don't want that for you. I work with all clients to be sure this is affordable. Let's chat. 

What If I Already Have a Logo or Website?
If you already have a logo, sweet! However, if you have a site we'll have to talk in detail about what elements you keep. Believe it or not, it's harder to work with a site that's built. It may be easier to rebuild. But we'll see. Let's talk about it.

There's a small fee for transitioning a Wordpress site to Squarespace. 

What If I'm Not Happy With Your Work?

You won't be! But here's the CYA clause from my contract that addresses if you are not happy with my work: 

In the event CLIENT is dissatisfied with the quality of HEYDAYS work, CLIENT agrees to inform HEYDAYS of this dissatisfaction and allow HEYDAYS a reasonable chance to amend the issue. If after amendment, CLIENT remains dissatisfied with the quality of the work, CLIENT may choose to terminate the project. In such case, HEYDAYS will provide CLIENT access to as-is website. CLIENT will be responsible for 20% of the remaining balance and any purchased materials authorized for purchase by CLIENT. 

What Do I Need Before We Start?
I'll provide you with a welcome package to outline everything you need to have done BEFORE I begin work. The short list includes copy, images and domain. 

I'd Like To Learn More About Your Design Package. 

You can learn more about my design package here. If you still have questions, ask in the chat box below.

Website Audit

I Want To Book A Website Audit. What Do I Need To Do?

Once you click the I'm Ready to Talk button on the A Lovely Day page, you'll chose your payment plan, pay, share what you hope to get out of the meeting and schedule your meeting. 

How Do I Prepare for The Call?

The best way to prepare if to come knowing what you want to get out of the call. Come ready to discuss your design ideas and your struggles. Also come open to receiving honest feedback.

I'm Worried About The Price. How Can I Invest in Myself When I'm Not Making Money in Biz?

Girl, you can't afford not to invest in yourself right now. You aren't making money because you aren't clear on your brand or using intentional and strategic design. This call is the solution for that. You'll walk away clear on how you can use the psychology of color, science of fonts and compelling language to turn your visitors into paying customers.

What If I Don't Have a Site Up Yet? 

This call is perfect for people like you. You can launch the right way! We'll discuss which platforms are best for you and define your brand personality so you can select your fonts, brand color and voice. We can also discuss which systems, applications and processes you can use to make building a site much easier. 

But  I have a question: What's holding you back from launching your site? Check out our Make My Day Design Package

Can I Cancel? 

Now why you wanna do that? As soon as you send over your website link, I get to work on your website audit. It's good stuff you don't want to miss out on. Should you cancel, you will still receive the recorded website audit and receive a 50% refund. 

Can I Reschedule Our Meeting?
Of course, I understand life happens. Be sure to reschedule before our meeting, though. If you are a no-show, your session is forfeited and no refund will be issued 'cause that's totally not cool. 

Code Workshop

What Happens After I Sign Up?

Once you click the I'm Ready button, you'll chose your payment plan and your login information will be sent to you. You will have access to all modules, swipe files and printable worksheets.

How Do You Teach The Course?

The course is taught through recorded video, how-to guides and printable worksheets. So no matter how you learn, I've got you covered. 

How Long Will I Have Access to the Content?

You will have lifetime access to Code in a Day. You are able to download the printable instructions, worksheets and writable PDFs to use for a lifetime. During the 30 days, you will have unlimited access to me via email. I tend to throw in bonuses for each class, so be sure to login frequently and check your email! 

How Will You Bill Me for the Payment Plan?

You will be charged the first installment immediately and the payment will automatically be debited from your account each month on the date of purchase. 

I'm Worried About The Price. Is This Worth It?

I understand that entrepreneurship can take a toll on your pockets, so I offer 2 month, 4 month and 6 month payment plans to make this way affordable.

Is it worth it? Heck yeah. The thing is you know a that having a visually compelling and appealing presentation is what makes the difference between a visitor and a buyer. You have amazing offers. You are confident in your expertise. But you are stuck with a boring, cluttered and janky template and because of that your vistors don't stick around and don't buy. You can hire a developer to help you or invest in yourself with this course. 

What If I Have a WordPress Site. Can I Sign Up?

This workshop is designed specifically for Squarespace users. 

Can I Cancel?

Now why you wanna do that? You can cancel 3 days after purchase for a 50% refund. I do this because as soon as you purchase, you will receive a login information and have immediate access to all modules. 

Can I Sign Up Later?

This course is open for enrollment a few times a year. If the cart is open. Get in NOW!