Why Every Web Designer Needs a Copywriter on Speed Dial

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 HEY I'M RITA, THE OWNER + WEB DESIGNER HERE AT HEYDAYS DESIGN.   Want to learn more about web design or DIY'ing  your own website? Join the Heydays Designers Collective, my Facebook Community just for you & my design besties. 


Want to learn more about web design or DIY'ing  your own website? Join the Heydays Designers Collective, my Facebook Community just for you & my design besties. 

April, I’ve been talking a lot about what it is a web designer does and does NOT do ‘cause there’s a huge gray area. Last blog, What Does a Web Designer Do, we agreed that a web designer does not write copy. The rest of our job description is kinda up for debate, but since we agree that copy’s not our thing, let me share why you must have a copy writer on speed dial.

As you know there's a lot of things that go into web design. You have to get amazing images. You have to take awesome brand pictures. And of course you have to launch.

Usually the first thing an entrepreneur does is hire a web designer because of course, everyone wants a banging website. But honey, when an entrepreneur is asked to provide copy... You should see the blank face they often give. I’ve been told too many times “I thought that was your job!”

Surprise! It isn't web designers job to write your copy.

Let's go back to the beginning, though. Do you know what copy is?

Copy simply means written words or text. The copy on your website is usually used to persuade people to purchase from you.

Copywriting is a very special skill that most Web Designers have not mastered (and don’t have to. It’s not our job!)

An Analogy

Launching your website is sort of like getting dressed for an event. You know you want to SLAY, so you book an hair appointment, call your nail technician, get your eyebrows arched and hire a makeup artist (MUA).  

You wouldn't ask your hairdresser to do your nails, would you? Sometimes your hairdresser may have nail techs in the spa or salon. Or the MUA may know how to arch your eyebrows but those are two separate services that you pay for.

This is the similarity between a web designer and a copywriter. Sometimes web designers work within an agency with an in-house copywriter and sometimes web designers have the skills to write copy, but you still need to pay for two different services. Does that make any sense?

But for my freelance and solopreneur web designers who don’t work in an agency and don’t have the time (or skill) to add copywriting to your services, let me go ahead and tell you why you absolutely need a copywriter on speed dial.

To Provide Excellent Customer Service

The number one reason you should have a copywriter on speed dial out is to provide your clients with amazing customer service. If you know your industry and you know the one of the most common questions that a client has is: you know anyone to write my copy? Instead of saying "No," refer them to your trusted copywriter. 

Even if clients don't directly ask for a copywriter, here are a few times a gentle suggestion may help you both: 

  • If they are struggling to write their copy
  • If it's taking them the FOREVER to write their copy or
  • If their copy is uninspired or non-persuasive copy

Do you both a favor & suggest they work with a copywriter. That way their website is not only beautiful and functional but persuasive enough to make clients pull out their credit cards in the blink of an eye.

To Spend Less Time Waiting

Designers how many times have you waited for weeks on end for copy from clients? So much so, you get fed up and launch their website with lorem ipsum (that’s  dummy text, btw).  When you build a relationship with a copywriter, you have access to copy much faster. If the copywriter is writing for the entire site (About Page, Home Page & Sales Page), then maybe you can get content in waves. So as one page of copy is complete, you can go ahead and design that page. This beats wait for all pages to get done or asking your client to serve as middleman. Build the relationship with your copywriter to open lines of communication and establish realistic timelines. Trust me, it’s worth it.

To Get More Referrals

As you can imagine, the life of a copywriter can mirror a designer’s at times. We have the exact same problems because we have the exact same clients. So often times a client will reach out to a copywriter and in need of a web designer.

If you build a relationship, guess who the copywriter will send their clients in need of web design to? You, of course.

Remember, the copywriter and web designer has the exact same goals: to create a website for a client that persuades and converts visitors into customers.  Copywriters do this with their words and web designers do it with strategy and visual design.  So we’re on the same team.

Stay tuned for my list of go-to copywriters you should totally get to know. Until then comment below and let me know what you agree. 

Rita Olds-Robinson