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When someone lands on your homepage you have ONE CHANCE to make a first impression. When someone finds your site they want to get to know you and your brand, so your homepage has a big job to do. People are either gonna come into your home and stay awhile or X out and forget all about you.

Think of your homepage as your home (‘cause it really is your digital home, right?) The thing with your digital home is your doors are always open. Anyone, anywhere can find you on the internet and let themselves in..

Your brand ain’t for everybody, so you have to welcome the people you want to stay. How do you make your site welcoming?

Make an Amazing First Impression

You can make an amazing first impression by showing your beautiful face. This creates instant credibility. After all, people are wary about  trolls & bots on the internet, so prove you are a real life human on the other end of the screen.

You can also use fonts and colors to create a welcoming digital home. Use colors and fonts that invoke the appropriate emotions and align your branding with who you want to attract.

Learn more about how to font pair like a pro & avoid the top 3 mistakes creatives make when font pairing.

Like decorating your home, make sure your homepage flows. Select icons, images, link colors and graphics that works with your logo, fonts and colors already. When your browsing the aisles of Target you ask yourself “Does this match the pillows on my couch,” don’t you? So do the same for your digital home page.

Showing your face, creating emotion through fonts and color and consistent design is a sure way to welcome visitors and ensure they stay a while, but good decor isn’t enough, you MUST...


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Talk to People

Seriously, TALK TO PEOPLE as if they are right in front of you.  A homepage with little to no copy is so confusing.  I see DIY’ers slap a picture of themselves up with three graphics that say Work With Me, Blog, Contact Me.

And I always think: But I don’t know you at all.

Curious on what to talk about?

Address Their Problem then Offer a Solution

Show visitors you understand exactly where they are and how you can help. Whether they are frustrated with trying to maintain their natural hair and your solution is affordable haircare; or they are lacking confidence because of baby weight and your solution is personal training for new moms -- talk to your visitors.  

Don’t use your homepage to try to sell your services/products. Seems kinda counterproductive right? You are in business to make money. But selling as soon as someone walks into your house is like you talking about a marriage as soon as you meet for a first date. Your date would probably run for the hills.


Say "Hi," ask your date’s name, and get to know them before planning your dream wedding.

And do the same for website visitors. Imagine how being sold to right away feels to your visitors. Sleazy. While you aren’t selling on your homepage, you can...

Get The Digits

Much like in real life, if you hit it off with someone, you want stay in touch by exchanging numbers. Online we capture emails. If they are cozy and getting to know you, don’t distract them with any outside links. Only show links to other pages on your site but be strategic in what you call your visitors to do then. Your actions must be aligned with your objectives for your site. If you want visitors to check out your products and services, then include a link to your sales page. If you want people to sign up for your list, get the digits by highlighting your opt in or newsletter.  

I suggest your create a light box for newsletters. Light boxes take over the screen so your visitor finish the task at hand. This is different than a timed pop. For the life of God, DO NOT USE POP UPS to get an email address. It’s aggressive and annoying.

If you’ve done the work on your homepage, people will understand who you are, what you do & will sign up for your newsletter faster than Beyonce tickets sell out.

Website Hompage Content l Read more to find out what to include on your homepage to convert visitors l Heydays Design l San Diego, CA  

Find out if your homepage and website are designed to convert with a website audit. Download your copy of The Complete Guide to Building a Website that Explodes Your Profits & Reclaims Your Time.


So what did you think of these homepage tips? comment below with how you will update your home page.