What Does a Web Designer Do?

What Does a Web Designer Do?
 Hey I'm Rita, the Owner + Web Designer/ The Only Employee Here at Heydays

Hey I'm Rita, the Owner + Web Designer here at Heydays Design. 

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I bet a million bucks if you are a designer you’ve been asked this question by clients OR you asked yourself this question early in your career.

Designers already know there are tons of moving pieces involved in designing and launching a website: from finding the perfect images, writing captivating copy, creating colors palettes, designing graphics, all while ensuring a strategical user interface that works.

But here’s the thing most web designer don’t do it all, and  you don’t have to do it all to be a consider a “real web designer.” Thanks for that affirmation Krista Rae.

To clear things up: this month, I'm going to blog and chat about what it is a web designer actually does (and doesn’t have to do!) Let's get the conversation started. 

What Does a Web Designer Do?

The basic, most obvious, job of a web designer is to design web pages. According to Sokanu.com, web designers are responsible for the aesthetic aspect of the web page, including colors, fonts, images used to create the whole personality of the website.

What Doesn't Fall Under Web Design?

It’s universally understood that a web designer is does not capture images for a website: A Photographer does. A web designer does not write the words (or copy) for a website: A Copywriter does.

The Gray Areas

Graphic design/branding and coding/development are gray areas that some designers know how to do and some don't. Some designers are really strong visual designers while others are stronger at strategic design.

Let’s get both sides in a (virtual) room and chat.  Join me to talk about your web design process, your favorite parts (which are likely your strengths) and who you should call to handle the parts you aren't strong in. Meet me in on Facebook to discuss what is is you do as a web designer with a few design friends. 

Rita Olds-Robinson