4 Questions to Ask Yourself During a Website Audit

4 Questions to Ask Yourself During a Website Audit l Heydays Design
How to Do a Website Audit l Heydays Design l Rita Olds-Robinson


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It’s almost FALL which means we’re practically staring at the end of 2017 and we're in planning mode to own 2018. In order to dominate, take a hard look at your website now and ask yourself these questions when doing a website audit to easily convert visitors into customers.

Audit Question #1: Does My Website Talk To My Visitors?

Too often when writing copy for a website, we center the conversation on US. We brag about how great we are, our credentials and how awesome other people think we are. But imagine if someone were sitting in front of you, would you be THAT self-centered to speak only about yourself. I don’t think so! So don’t write your copy that way. Write your copy as if someone actually on the other side of the computer and you are meeting for the first time.

When auditing your website, ask yourself, “Does my website actually talk to my visitors?” If not, your next steps should be to create copy that has a human touch. More importantly, copy that focuses on the visitor. Try writing about how your products and services can solve a problem the visitor faces One sure why to make your copy more human is by using “you.”

Audit Question #2: Are My Policies Clearly Listed?

Honey, doing business online can get TRICKY. Most buyers are skeptical about buying online and have questions. LOTS of them.  So during your next website audit ask yourself “Does my website clearly state my policies?” You can convert visitors into buyers easier by clearly listing your business policies on your website. Include your:

  1. Return Policy
  2. Shipping Policy
  3. Privacy Policy
  4. Refund Policy

Bonus points: Include sizing information and an FAQ page to address all policies in one place. You can much easily convert visitors into customers if you answer all their questions and web visitors know exactly what they are getting themselves into.

Here are 4 questions you can ask yourself during a website audit l Heydays Design l San Diego, CA

Audit Question #3: Are My Prices Clearly Listed?

This seems like a no-brainer BUT are your prices clearly listed? Is it clear what a customer gets for the price you have listed? As you audit your website, ask yourself this. Do you have a “Shop” or “Sales Page” that includes your price? If you don’t, “Why not?”

There are different schools of thought on whether to include prices for high dollar or premium services, and I understand both theories on pricing. But not including your prices can leave a potential client frustrated and ready to leave your site. One sure fire way to help close the deal on your website is to include your prices.

Audit Question #4: Does My Website Have a Contact Page?

If someone's hitting you up it’s because they have questions that your website is not answering.  So if you allow a visitor to initiate a conversation with you via Contact pages, you can really understand what you can do better for your customers. You can gauge reasons why they need this product, the fears they have about investing or understand what’s blocking them purchasing this product.  Then you can do something about it: either you update your product descriptions, write an entire blog post about it, or host a webinar on the subject. The customer’s feedback is truly priceless.

Can you imagine how many visitors you can convert and how empty your email box will finally be with this simple hack?!

Download a website audit checklist to use when you are auditing your website l Website Audit Template l Heydays Design

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