How to Use Video Content in Your Design Business

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So video is your thing! You shine on video. You aren’t afraid of the camera, speaking comes naturally to you, and you love to connect with people. But you don’t know how to use this your advantage in your Design Business.

Don’t worry, I’ll show you exactly how you can start creating video content to drive more traffic to your website and get in front of your leads. Grab your pen and paper and let’s dive in. Here are three ways you can show the value of your products or services, educate your leads and brag on yourself (just a little) through video.

Live Video Experiences

If you love to engage with your audience in real-time, then a live video experience is perfect for you. Facebook live, a live webinar or Instagram live are perfect platforms for your live experience. Live events require a little planning like an outline or talking points or even slides, if you chose. You can plan as much or as little as you want. Webinars require the most planning, while Instagram live is perfect for impromptu videos. Wondering what the heck to talk about? I gotcha.

Educate Your Audience on Your Product or Service with Video Content

Live video is the perfect platform to educate your audience. There is a huge gap between us design creatives and our audiences. Have you ever had a client who doesn’t really understand what we do, who thinks it’s okay to miss deadlines, and who have “sticker shock” when you send a proposal?

Fix it! Use your live event to truly educate your audience on what the heck it is that you do, what your processes are and why it's so important to work with you. Content marketing is perfecting for filling in that education gap.

Don’t overthink it. Your event can simply be called 5 Things A Web Designer Wish You Knew.

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Ready to hop on video but need ideas? Download this list of video ideas! It's free!

Prerecorded Video

Want to perfect your videos and don’t wanna go live just yet? Then pre-recorded videos are perfect for you! Prerecorded videos allow you to get your script ready and edit your video to make sure everything is just right. All you need is an outline and equipment to make your video. Curious about what tools you need to record videos, check out these tools to get started Must Have Tools for Web Designers.

Camera’s ready.
Ring light on.
It’s go time.

Wondering what you can talk about?

Highlight the Value of Your Product or Service with Video Content

Put your sales page in video form! A Prerecorded video can answer the basic questions about your product or service:
•    Who it’s for?
•    How to book or order?
•    Who the service is NOT for?
•    How long does it take?
•    What are the benefits of your product or service?

You can gather a list of commonly asked questions and answer them. Live video is really about engagement, you can still get your people involved in your prerecorded video. Involve your tribe by asking them to submit the questions that your website doesn’t answer, they’ve been secretly afraid to ask and been dying to know.

Here’s an insider tip: when addressing frequently asked questions in written or video form, it’s less about questions actually ask, but more about what you want your audience to know. Use this video to answer any sales objections and to convince cautious buyers. Again, emphasize your product’s value by reiterating your selling points.

Ready to hop on video but need ideas? Download this list of video ideas! It's free!

Spontaneous Video

Planning ain’t ya thing? Do you want to hop on video when you feel like it but still make an impact. You can! Facebook Stories, Instagram Stories or SnapChat may be perfect for your Design Business. I know you may like spontaneity but sit for an hour to create some guidelines for videos. Write down a few topics you will cover in your video. The day of pick a topic and go for. Wonder what topics are best for spontaneous videos?

Show Your Audience a Day In the Life of a Designer with Video Content

Some people just don’t get it. “It” being what the heck we do. Let my Mom tell, I play around on Facebook all day. You can use video to show what it is we really do during a work day. Here are a few ways you can use video to do just that:
•    Behind-the-Scenes: Show the business side of your Design Business. Record a video of you attending meetings, sending contracts or sending welcome packages (see Mom, I do have a job!)
•    Your Mission & Values: Hop on & share the WHY of your business

•    Ask Your Audience a Question: Stuck on something? Curious about something? Ask your people.
•    Your ProductsSell, honey! Talk about your services and products.
•    The Humble Brag: Show off you work. It’s good, right? Then let people know.

You see? You don’t have to do much planning to still show up and shine on video. Spontaneous videos are perfect for your content marketing strategy because it humanizes your brand. You can educate, entertain and inspire your audience.

Video Content Ideas for Web Deisgners-31-31.png

Ready to hop on video but need ideas? Download this list of video ideas! It's free!

There you have it. Three pretty simple ways you can use video content in your design business. Video not your thing? Check out The Designer’s Guide to Blogging or How to Use Audio Content in Your Design Business for more ways to leverage content marketing.

Do you love video? If so, how are you using it in your business?