5 Types of Questions Designers Must Ask on a Sales Call

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As designer’s we’ve ALL been there: our calls with potential clients start so well. Then the client disappears into the Upside Down (yes, I’m currently binging on Stranger Things) and we never hear from them again with no idea where we went wrong.

Perhaps it’s not you or your skills. It’s likely you never got them on the phone and if you did, you didn’t conduct your sales call the right way. If you spent the call convincing your client you are the right fit or begging for them to pick you, honey, you’ve got it all wrong. Let’s dive into what a sales call is and how to get your leads to say “Yes” to you.

What is a Sales Call?

“Sales calls are a chance for entrepreneurs to learn about potential customers and get agreement from them that the [service] is a good fit for their needs.” Marsdd.com

I see sales calls as the opportunity for a lead to commit.

Lucky for us designers, people know they need a website, it’s a service that sells itself most of the time. My only  job is to get a YES from your lead and it's yours, too. The only thing we need to hear:

  • Yes, I’m ready to start today.
  • Yes, I see the value in your service.
  • Yes, I’m ready to submit a deposit.
  • Yes, I’m ready to invest in myself and my business.  

You should not spend a lot of time talking about the details of your service, ‘cause here’s the thing:

  1. You know they need a website. They know it too.
  2. They know your prices or starting prices anyway ‘cause you shared that before the call (or on your site)
  3. They have a proof of your work via a portfolio
  4. They have read reviews and testimonials
  5. They understand your process because you outlined it on your website
  6. They understand what’s included because your sales page explains all of those details, right?

Now that we got that out the way, you're wondering, Well what the heck should I talk about on the call? I’m glad you asked, ask these type of questions to guide the potential client into decide that now is the right time to say YES.

Here are the 5 types of Questions you should ask on a sales call:

  1. Connection or Rapport Questions
  2. Problem Awareness Questions
  3. Possibility Awareness Questions
  4. Consequence Questions
  5. Qualifying Questions

But first: Set the tone for the sales call.

You guide the conversation and set the expectations. All too often, we get on the phone like we are catching you with an old friend.  As a business owner, you must set the tone of the conversation. Let your lead know how what to expect. Here’s how you can set the tone:

Hey Shay, it is great to be speaking with you today. I am so excited to discuss your business and how we can bridge the gap of where you are, and where you want to be.
Ty, to start off I would like to share the agenda of this call with you, does that sound good?
Good Morning Ashley,  I reviewed your application and I do have a few questions about your business process/systems/wants —Just to be sure I can create what you you need. Then we can discuss your business, your challenges, and how I can help. How does that sound?
Crystal, let’s talk about what went wrong with your DIY project and If it sounds like I can help you, we’ll discuss how we can get started.

Final Qualifiers

Sometimes you aren’t sure you can help a client based on the information they already provided, so you may want to determine if you are good fit BEFORE you dive into the sales call. It’s okay if you aren’t a good fit, and it’s best to find out early. Here are examples of how you can frame your questions to discover IF you are a right fit before starting the sales call. 

You mentioned you prefer to build in BigCartel. I am a Wordpress Designer and have launched several websites using WooCommerce. Are you open to building on Wordpress?
You mentioned you wanted to you have an affiliate program do you currently have software or are you open to using the software that integrate with Squarespace?

If your can’t do the job or if the client isn’t open to your solutions, then no need to move forward, right?

ONCE YOU CLOSE THE DEAL ON YOUR SALES CALL. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE TOOLS & SYSTEMS IN PLACE TO CREATE AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE FOR YOUR CUSTOMER. Download the Must Have Tools for Web Designers for a list of apps, tools and systems to run your design business with ease.

Connection or Rapport Questions

People love to talk about themselves so open the call giving your lead to tell you about themselves and their business. But remember, don’t turn the conversation into a casual chat. You can open with one of the following questions:

  • What’s your big why?

  • What got you into this?

  • Tell me a little about your business.

Problem Awareness Questions

You are on the phone with your lead because they have a problem that you can solve. The problem could be that they don't have the time to build their own website or they don't have the know-how to build their own website. Maybe they've tried and failed. Maybe they've been burned by someone else.  Maybe they've outgrown their current brand. But you don’t know so find out in their words their problem.

  • Tell me about your challenges with getting your website build?

  • What’s been blocking you launching  your site?

  • How has that impacted you…? What’s the impact of that…?

  • What have you tried that hasn’t worked…?

  • Tell me more.

Possibility Awareness Questions

Possibility awareness question allows the lead to uncover how their business (and life) can  improve once they say YES to your service. You are selling more that a pretty website. You are selling more than an optimized website. You are selling what your ideal clients want at their core: more time, more money, freedom. Use these questions to get your lead to talk more about the value of your services.

  • How can you see your life being different with an strategic website?

  • What would that do for you? If you were able to book more clients?

  • What would that do for you..?

  • What would more money do for you…?

Consequence Questions

Now that your lead started getting warm and fuzzy at the possibility, help them understand that those possibilities will not happen if they don't take action. Use these types of questions to help your lead realize the consequences of putting their website off another day.

  • Have you considered what would happen if you don’t get your website up this quarter?

  • How much longer can you successfully run your business with no online presence?

  • What would happen if you are in the same spot 6 months from now?

Qualifying Questions

You are getting close to closing the deal, right? Now it's time to be sure your lead is ready to commit. You can find out just how serious they are by asking these types of questions. 

  • How urgent is launching your site for you?

  • Why now are you ready?

  • Why is this important?

BONUS: Closing the Deal

This is it-- your chance to close the deal. Now’s your chance to actually ask for the sale. Alot of designers have asked me how to I get them to actually commit on the call. You ask the rigth kind of question. It can be intimidating at first but the more you practice, the easier it will become. Instead of asking “So you whatcha wanna do,” you can ask one of these questions to close the deal and get your lead to say YES!

  • I can send you an invoice now. How would you like to proceed?

  • Based on our schedule, we can get started next week. Would you like us to schedule our kick off meeting?

  • I’m confident I can achieve your site objectives. Would you like to get started?

Start framing your calls using some of these techniques and I’m sure your leads won’t disappear on you. Stay tuned for another blog post on Handling Objections cause I know you’ve heard it all from --

  • I’ll reach out next month.

  • I can’t afford that right now.

  • I’ll try to DIY first.

Until then, keep crush it.

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ONCE YOU CLOSE THE DEAL ON YOUR SALES CALL. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE TOOLS & SYSTEMS IN PLACE TO CREATE AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE FOR YOUR CUSTOMER. Download the Must Have Tools for Web Designers for a list of apps, tools and systems to run your design business with ease.


how are your sales call going? share your experiences or more tips for closing the deal.

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