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I’m patiently waiting for Beyonce to go on tour again and I need to start saving for tickets. So this post contains links from paying affiliates. That means if you buy using the links, you contribute to my Beyonce fund. But there’s the thing, I only recommend products & services I use and love. Btw, this is my affiliate disclaimer. Got it?

If you are looking for the perfect tools, applications or systems to run your design business, look no further.

No matter if you are a web designer, web developer or illustrator, keep reading to learn the professional applications, tools, and resources you need to run your design business with ease so you can do more of what you love: CREATE!

I've tried and tested these myself and instead downloading a ton of free trials or spending your hard earned money trying countless solutions, here are the resources I use and recommend.

Getting Creative: Design Applications

As a designer, you have to create and design. I mean that’s ultimately our job, right? The best tools to do just that are all included in the Adobe® Creative Cloud™

It's the digital hub that lets you download and install every Adobe Creative Suite® 6 application; access online services for file sharing, collaboration, and publishing; and benefit from new apps and features as soon as they’re released — giving you the freedom to create anything you can imagine.

Sign up for the cloud or individual applications here and get busy creating!

Staying in Touch: CRM Software

You gotta stay in touch with your tribe, your current and future clients. The best way to do that is with Convertkit. Sure, you'll start with MailChimp or a another free option because you are bootstrappin' but as you grow, you'll quickly see that Convertkit is better for you and super easy to learn. Perfect for courses, challenges and funnels.

Sign up for Convertkit here and start building a relationship with your tribe

Getting Paid: Invoicing

Eventually you want to make some money, right? Once you land a client, you'll need to create and send invoices to clients, track and manage expenses and basic accounting (for tax time). You can do that quickly and easily with Freshbooks.

Sign up now to start collecting your coins.

Getting Paid: Payment Gateway

If you sell digital products, or courses, Stripe is hands down the best payment gateway. Much simpler to use than PayPal, and integrates with virtually any other platform. If you need reocurring or subscription payment plans, you can use Stripe with Moonclerk or SendOwl to create the payment plans for your course or membership site.

Sweet, right? Sign up for Stripe here.


Get the complete list of resources. Download the Must Have Tools for Web Designers for a list of apps, tools and systems to run your design business with ease.

Staying Visible: Webinars

Listen, you HAVE to get in front of people and go live, host webinars and share your zone of genius. It's not negotiable. The easiest way to do this is to use Crowdcast. It's user friendly, you can easily invite people on screen, quickly download analytics and the customer service is A1!

Sign up for Crowdcast here.

Getting Organized: Client Management

Once you close the deal on your calls, send contracts, questionnaires, invoices and more from one spot, your client portal. Dubsado nailed it with client management and are adding more project management tools. This is definitely the one-stop shop for on-boarding clients and managing design projects.

Exactly what you need, right? Sign up for Dubsado today. 

Recording: Lights, Cameras & Mics

While you are showing up, hosting webinars, and going live you need the tools, right? Check out my favorite lights, cameras and mics.


The highly recommended mic makes appearances in all of your favorite flat lays, and it praised by all of your favorite entrepreneurs. Read reviews & purchase from Amazon here


This is my personal favorite mic not only because it's a cool design, but because it picks up sound well with no static and cheaper that the Yeti. Read reviews & purchase from Amazon here.


Use an arm stand to clamp to your desk and adjust your mic/bring it closer to your mouth. Read reviews & purchase from Amazon here.


Prevent noise for typing and tapping from being picked up. Order your here.


Stop heaving breathing and popping sounds (from saying p's & b's). Grab one here.


Get the perfect lighting for all of your YouTube & webinar recordings. Read reviews & purchase from Amazon here.


The computer cameras do not compare to the Logitech cameras. Create professional live and recorded videos with a pro web cam. Grab one here.


Record video straight from your phone handsfree. Order yours here.

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Get the complete list of resources.Download the Must Have Tools for Web Designers for a list of apps, tools and systems to run your design business with ease.


Designers, what are your favorite design tools. Share below!

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