How to Use Quizzes in Your Design Business

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So you are dedicated to creating content consistently to generating interest in our services or products. You’re ready to create an amazing opt-in that visitors love to share and give you their email addresses so you can build your list. Do it with a QUIZ! You love taking them and your audience does too.

I can’t tell you how many design creative messaged me saying I love your quiz, I want to create one,I just don’t know what to say. And I give them three ideas in a matter of minutes. For me thinking of opt-ins, blog topics and quiz ideas are EASY and it can be for you if you follow these simple steps.

Start with Your Design Service (or Product) in Mind.

Why are we starting with a product or service in mind? Because the whole point of your opt-in or quiz in general is to get people interested in your paid services on your list, right? As business owners, we are not blogging just to blog. Or creating quizzes because they are fun--we’re doing it to ultimately to make money. You make money by building trust. You build trust by establishing yourself as the authority in your industry, educating, inspiring or entertaining your audience and answering the question they can’t quite figure out on their own. – This is where the quiz comes in.

So back to your product or service: As a design creative, I’m sure you have a 1:1 service, so let’s use that for this quiz example. All of our brainstorming will tie back to this service.

Got your product or service in mind? Okay, now on to step 2.

Determine Your End Game

First things first, a quiz should lead a visitor somewhere that ultimately gives more information on and  reveals the VALUE of your service. So figure out where you want the quiz taker to land. Maybe you want them to read a blog about their results,  maybe you want them to hop on a call with you to discuss working together or maybe you want to direct them to your 1:1 service sales page.

So think of your call to action first, then work backwards.

Think of 3-4 results, then questions and answers that fit with each result.

Got it? Now let’s get to the fun part. Brainstorming Quiz Ideas.

Wanna create a quiz for your design business? Then try interact today.

Brainstorm Quiz Ideas

Grab a notebook and start with The Five W’s (and that one H) to start brainstorming quiz ideas that ties directly to your service from step 1:

  • What Squarespace Template is Best for You?
  • Wordpress, Shopify or Squarespace, which is best for you?
  • Should You DIY or Call in a Professional Web Designer?
  • What’s Your Brand Style?
  • What’s Your Website Style?  
  • Is It Time for a Brand Facelift?
  • How much do you really know about Squarespace?

The Tool: Interact

Now that you have a quiz idea and questions mapped out, you need the tools. Well the TOOL, just one! Interact. You’re a Design Creative, and I know you’re pretty tech saavy, but even IF you weren’t Interact is my pick for building quizzes because IT’S EASY. Lemme tell you why I love it:

Three Different Quiz Types

You can create an assessment, scored or personality quiz. When I first tried Interact I only knew about personality quizzes. You know, the What Kind of X are you? But Interact introduced me to scored quizzes. With this type of quiz each question answer has a specific score associated with it and upon completion a user will receive a result defined by a specific score range.

Interact also has Assessment quizzes that allow you to test knowledge in fun ways.

Each quiz question will have one correct answer. You can ask questions like “How Much Do You Really Know About Squarespace?”

Convertkit Love

Interact loves Convertkit and I love them both. The beauty of Interact is it allows you to SEAMLESSLY integrate Convertkit. I chose to create a sequence for quiz result, so subscribers get customized emails. I love it. You’ll love i

How to Use Quizzes in Your Design Business l Try Interact Quiz Builder l Heydays Design l Web Designer l San Diego, CA

give interact a try for free and start using quizzes in your design business.


Design Creatives, what are your thoughts on quizzes. Share below!

Rita Olds-Robinson