Five Reasons Why a Premium Web Designer Would Throw Your Money Back At You

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You are trying to start or grow your business, amiright? So instead of figuring it out on your own, you’d rather spend time head down doing what YOU do best, and outsourcing the other tasks like web design. AS YOU SHOULD. Fist bump for realizing you need a designer.

But if you are a newbie or never worked with a designer before you may have no clue how this thing goes. Well, I’m here to tell you girl. First, you obviously have to search for one. In today’s times of “everybody’s side-hustlin” it’s pretty easy to find one who can start right now and for a price that’s too good to be true.

Sure you can go with the D-list web designer, or me:

The Beyonce of Web Design.

Okay, okay, I took a bite of humble pie and came back down. But seriously you want to work with a premium designer, right? One thing for sure premium designer are busy! Matter of fact we’re always booked so we can be PICKY who we work with. And we won't just work with anyone.

  • If we aren’t a good fit, I say no.
  • If you aren’t quite ready for a website, I say no.
  • If you attempt to negotiate my prices, I say no.

So if I say “yes” to you, girl you are one of the exclusive few.

I am about my coins, so I know you are wondering: why in the world would I turn down someone’s money?

Here are the top 5 reasons I (and most premium web designers) will graceful say “nah” to working with you.

You are not inspired.

The best part of being a designer is making your ideas come to life. So one of the first questions I ask is: “Describe how you want your site feel or look. (i.e bright, modern, clean or colorful)” and “Share links to Pinterest or sites you love.”

If you give me nothing, girl that’s what you get: zip, zero, nada.

You have no strategy.

You are tired of working for “The Man,” I feel you, but if you have no idea what you’ll do, what you'll sell, how you do it or where you want to be in 3 months or 1 year: you may need to ride it out with “The Man” until you iron out the details. Get your strategy together.

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You have no copy.

You want a site that mesmerizes your clients making her wallet fly open in the blink of an eye, right? The secret to that is in the copy. A website is more than pretty pictures, hun. You need text. You need a story and YOU have to write it. As a designer, I make suggestions on what pages and content should be included, but you are responsible for writing it. It usually takes way too long to get this from clients once design has started, so now, I will not start without it.

You have no images.

I know you want a poppin’ site full of shots from your photo shoot. We all love the shots of you fake typing and the ones of you looking extra professional browsing your iPad. Yassss girl SLAY.

But honey I need more than your pretty face to build a site. Selling products? I need product shots. What about your header images? Have you thought about Blog pics? I cannot design a site without photos and you have to browse the ‘net for them or schedule the photo shoot BEFORE hiring me.

Luckily I make it easy and provide my clients with 20 sites to find the best free images.

Download our curated list of 20 sites that offer you free stock photos.

You are not ready to work.

Building a website is a partnership. You don’t get to hire me and wait for your site to go live. No, ma’am. You have to show up ready to work. I always have a waiting list. But be prepared to work while you wait: write your copy, find your images, design your freebie, ‘cause once your start date rolls around, it’s ON. So be engaged, respond to e-mails and provide feedback. If you don’t do your homework that means you are not ready to work. If you are not ready to work: your start date gets pushed or I’ll return your deposit.

Are you ready to work ? Contact me and let's chat.

What reasons would you say "No!" to a lead? Share below!