6 Things To Stop Doing in FB groups

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Happy New Year Entrepreneurs! I love the New Year. It’s like everyone is ready to LEVEL UP and I am here for it. Set some goals and crush them. I love seeing entrepreneurs making moves in their businesses and tapping into their community for ideas.

But there’s a time and a place to ask Facebook.

Admit it, you’ve seen questions in Facebook groups that make you turn your head sideways and say “Really?” As we prepare to own 2018, there are some things you just have to leave in 2017. As an entrepreneur, specifically a Design Creative, here are the 5 things, I want to you stop doing in Facebook groups and why.

Facebook Post:

Person A: I’m looking to hire a Designer.

Person B: [insert link] Check out my site. I'd love to work with you.

The Issue: Designers, people are lazy.  And there are literally 109 other designers dropping their links, too. Most people reply to the first 3-5 responses and keep it moving. Did I mention people are LAZY? If I have to click your link, find your prices, search your portfolio THEN fill out a contact form, as a customer, I’m over it.  

What To Do Instead: Find a way to STAND OUT. Show personality. Write an amazing value proposition and my most important tip: make it easy for people to see your work and your prices. (Pssst, link directly to your sales page not your home page ‘cause that’s more work.)

My winning technique:  make human contact. Ask if are they free to video chat or talk right then and there. Most people seeking a designer in Facebook groups are already primed to buy, so closing the deal is pretty easy.  Dropping your link is a passive way to get clients. Don't hope they get back to you. Be proactive and sell yourself!

Facebook Post: Delete if this isn't allowed

The Issue: A disclaimer doesn't excuse you the fact that you are violating the rules. It’s pretty clear you didn’t READ THE RULES or haven’t been around enough to gauge the group culture.

What To Do Instead: Post without the disclaimer, read the group rules or stop with the not-so subtle promo.

Facebook Post: I'm looking for X. Any suggestions? (ESP, if it’s Mailchimp vs. Convertkit)

The Issue: There. Is. So. Much. Free. Information. Out. There. Asking questions about topics that are widely and thoroughly covered in entrepreneurship reads as lazy.

What To Do Instead: Try Google FIRST! Do a little research then ask your question. And be sure to include your findings in your question. For example: I've been researching email providers & decided I definitely need an easy way to segment. So I'm between ConvertKit & Maichimp. Does Mailchimp use a visual builder? P.S: I've Googled & can't find an answer.

Show initiative and be clear. I’m ALWAYS responding to questions on Facebook and it REALLY grinds my gears when I give advice then people dismiss my advice ‘cause it wasn’t what they needed.

I’m like I wouldn’t have wasted my time responding if I KNEW that part.

Moral of the story, help us HELP you by being detailed.

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Facebook Post: I’m so tired of entrepreneurs hosting webinars/pitching in webinars/sending emails/retargeting FB ads/posting income reports/blogging (basically anything that’s required to sustain an online business)

The Issue: YOU.

What To Do Instead: Evaluate what triggers you about the very things you “hate” and remember YOU have a choice.

If YOU don’t want emails in YOUR inbox, unsubscribe.

If YOU want to see less ads, provide FB feedback to see “less ads like this.”

Leave business Facebook groups.

Stop reading business blogs.

Take control of what you consume if you are so “tired”

Entrepreneurs will do what we need to do to build our empires.

You can chose to participate or not.

You can chose to stay mad or not.

But the choice is always yours.

Facebook Post: “I just did my website & would love feedback.”

The Issue: Random people can’t give you the best advice. They don’t know your target audience, how your audience is finding you, if your audience is prepared to buy or shopping around—More importantly they are NOT strategic web designers. You can’t take advice from someone who’s not in your audience or who knows nothing about website conversion. More importantly, time is VALUABLE. You shouldn’t expect business owners to give it to you freely. To audit a website is time-consuming (hence why people charge for them. Plus you are literally accessing their genius). So asking Facebook, you’ll either get feedback from the wrong people or a half-assed review.

What to Do Instead: Be VERY specific in who you ask for feedback and what feedback you are seeking. For example if you design jewelry for middle aged women, say “Middle aged women who love jewelry, I have a question for you…”

Then ask for something specific like “can you easily find my shipping and return policies?” Now you have feedback on your usability, or “do you connect with the bright pink in the header image?” Now you have feedback on your branding.

Making the website audit scope smaller & asking your audience will get you more useful feedback.

You can also invest in a website audit from an expert web designer, like me, who can:

  • provide feedback on your branding, color palette & typography to ensure it’s aligned with your Ideal Client Avatars
  • share website launch strategies so you can generate buzz and build your list  from day one
  • bounce ideas around for your product/service launch so you can launch right & get your audience to swipe their credit cards 
  • sales page copy so you can write your way into the minds of your people
  • SEO strategies so you can get seriously get found online

If you want to ask a Design Creative instead of Facebook, let's talk:

Lemme say, it's completely OKAY to be a newbie & learn the ropes as you go but my advice to you is the best ways to learn is to TRY first. Planning and asking Facebook without execution won't get you  far. And seek the help you need EARLY in business and PAY for the help. Just my 2 cent.

Facebook Groups for Business l Make Money in Facebook Groups  l Find Clients in Facebook Groups l Heydays Design l San Diego, CA I San Diego Web Designer

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree on the my list?