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You don’t get the people who hate writing because you are a wordsmith. You’d much rather send a text or email than pick up the phone or *gasp* Facetime. The great thing is written content is the best content for SEO!  So let’s use this to your advantage in your Design Biz.

You can start creating written content to drive more traffic to your website and get in front of your leads. Grab your pen and paper and let’s dive in. Here are three ways you can show the value of your products or services, educate your leads and brag on yourself (just a little) through video.

Education Through Blogging

We all know that blogging helps with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so we blog and blog and blog. But are we using our blog posts to educate and sell? Did you ever think to use your blog posts for selling or education? No worries, here how you can do it.

Write an FAQ Blog

FAQs are really the redheaded stepchild of content. They are usually an afterthought for most entrepreneurs, but the truth is: FAQs are a Great Place to Answer Any Sales Objections & Convince Cautious Buyers. Since writing is your thing, write a Q&A blog that address all the reasons why people may not buy from you. In addition to addressing the cautious buyers, you can also cover the basics like:

  • Who is your product or service for?
  • What happens after a customer books your service?  

Stuck on questions? Search your email and DM for any questions leads or clients asked you over the past year. If you don’t have many customer questions, FAQs don’t have to be questions people have actually asked. You can simple write the answers to questions you want your audience to know.

Ready to start writing but need ideas? Download this list of blog ideas! It's free!

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Share Your Brand Story

When you have working content marketing strategy it gives your brand a recognizable personality, develops long-term and valuable relationships with your audience and improves customer loyalty with both current consumers and prospective ones. Storytelling is the perfect way to woo your audience. Since writing is easy for you, tell your story. Share why you started your design business so your audience can relate. Share your credentials like are you self-taught, did you have a similar role in Corporate World, are you designer by education and secret skills. This is your humble brag and will instantly position you as an industry leader and influencer.

Once you write your story, share it! Where? Share your story via Instagram Captions. Most people keep captions short and simple, use your skills to really engage with your audience.

Write Up a Case Study

A written case study coupled with amazing visuals make for the perfect social proof your audience needs to believe in you, your expertise, your product and your service. Sure, you can have a testimonial page and a portfolio, but go deeper -- share your process, the customer experience, and let your clients speak for you.

Case studies are simply stories that:

  • Highlights the challenges your design client faced
  • Describes your how your design process was the solution for your client
  • Clearly shows results (Results can be increased traffic, more sales, more confidence, etc.)
  • Describe the solution provided by the company.

It’s important that you highlight that your product or service was the key to your client’s challenges. Case studies are perfect for you to use your writing skills and showcase your design skills.

Ready to start writing but need ideas? Download this list of blog ideas! It's free!

There you have it. Three simple ways you can use written content in your design business. Writing not your thing? Check out How to Use Video Content in Your Design Business or How to Use Audio Content in Your Design Business for more ways to leverage content marketing.

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Do you love blogging? If not, where do you struggle?