Create Landing Pages in Squarespace & Cancel LeadPages™

Learn How Simple Squarespace Hacks To Create Landing Pages in Squarespace without Leadpages with Heydays Design.
Learn Squarespace Hacks to Create Landing Pages in Squarespace without Paying for Leadpages with Rita Olds-Robinson


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I can’t tell you how many times I hear about LeadPages from the “IT” entrepreneur (affiliate link included). But here’s the thing: you don’t need LeadPages to get LeadPage’s benefits.

LeadPages is online tool that allows you to create landing pages to collect email addresses. They also provide templates for webinars, sales pages, and other marketing campaigns for you to collect email addresses.

You don’t need to spend $25 a month to collect email addresses especially when you have Squarespace. For those of you who have LeadPages or feel like you are missing out: DON’T.

Everyday, I get questions and comments about Squarespace hacks like:

  • How do I connect Convertkit with Squarespace? Guess I need LeadPages.
  • Can I use Leadpages with Squarespace?
  • I have Leadpages so I can have a Thank You Page.

And I'm thinking Why do you have Leadpages?! Because there are so many myths surrounding Squarespace, users buy more subscriptions, like LeadPages, than they need to create solutions that Squarespace can handle. So I’m here to debunk the myths & show you 4 ways to save money with Squarespace by cancelling your LeadPages subscription.

1. Replace LeadPages with Cover Pages

How many times have you heard this: 

  • Get a landing page up & build your list
  • The money’s in the list.
  • Create a quiz/freebie/opt-in/content upgrade to build your list.
  • Get a landing page up ASAP.

"They" are not wrong. You absolutely should start building your list. But let’s talk for a second on what a landing page is and why you need one. Then we’ll get to how Squarespace can save the day.

What is a Landing Page?

In online business or marketing, a landing page is simply a standalone page dedicated to one specific call-to-action or marketing campaign. Simply put, landing pages are for ONE THING. That’s it. Unlike a homepage, that has several purposes with links to blogs, opt-ins, contact pages, etc.

Why Use a Landing Page?

The short answer: less distractions mean better conversion. Think about it? Visitors click a “Sign Up” link to sign up for something. If your landing page matches the reason why they clicked , they are more likely to complete the process. But if you send visitors to a homepage, it’s pretty easy for them to get distracted with the navigation links and other competing calls to action. Landing pages make getting someone to complete a task easier.

What are Cover Pages?

Squarespace Cover Pages present information in a single, bold page. Use this feature (that’s already included in your subscription) to to create beautiful landing page. The Cover Page templates are with no distractions or unnecessary content. They were designed to have only primary headline and call to action--perfect as a landing page. As you can see, the examples below have one button to comeplete one task.

 Squarespace Cover Page: Vanguard Template

Squarespace Cover Page: Vanguard Template

 Squarespace Cover Page: Debut Template

Squarespace Cover Page: Debut Template

2. Replace Landing or Sales Pages with Regular Squarespace Pages

As we all know there are limitations with with Squarespace (after all, that's why you're reading a blog on Squarespace hacks!)  

One of the limitations with Squarespace Cover Pages,  it's just one page. It’s not ideal for creating long form landing pages with scrolling.

BUT you can create a long form landing page with a regular Squarespace simply by getting rid of the distractions.

How? You can hide all the distractions, like the header, footer, and navigation links using a simple line of code.


Website Audit Checklist: Heydays Design The Complete Guide Landing Page

I know you are thinking: "Rita, you're a pro, how can I hide navigation, header & footers in Squarespace?" I created a freebie just for you even if you can’t code. 


Download the 3 Squarespace Hacks for Non-Coders To Build a Landing Page That Converts


3. Use the Squarespace Lightbox for Forms

I think one of the bells & whistles of LeadPages is the LeadBox pop-up form. It’s simply a form that, when someone clicks on the opt-in, a pop-up appears. It makes any landing page more official (to me anyway.)

Squarespace can do that too! Here’s how:

  1. Open a page or post editor.

  2. Click an Insert Point or the +.

  3. Select Form from the menu.

Squarespace Form

Once  you are done creating a form, go to the Form Block Editor, click the Advanced tab.

Then check the Enable Lightbox Mode. Doing this will replace your form with a button & the form will open in a lightbox when the button is pressed, rather than embedding it on the page. You can totally get official pop-up for FREE.

Lightbox Mode Squarespace

You may be thinking: "But Rita, I don’t have Mailchimp! These forms don't work for me." Don’t worry most email marketing software gives you the code + tutorials you need to make a Modal Form with a link click.

And with a simple line of code you can create Modal Buttons in Squarespace to look just like the one below.


Download the 3 Squarespace Hacks for Non-Coders To Build a Landing Page That Converts


4. Create Custom Thank You Pages

One of the most powerful LeadPages features is the Thank You Page builder.

I know it’s probably an afterthought for most people, but it's a gold mine for nurturing and keeping visitors engaged.

So CREATE ONE. It’s non-negotiable for stand alone landing pages. Let’s talk for a second on what  why you need a Thank You Page then we’ll get to how Squarespace can save the day.

What Do I Need a Thank You Page?

Well if you don’t create a Thank You page you leave people on your landing page. Literally, they are just there stuck and stranded which is NOT COOL. Where do you expect vistors to go? What do you expect them to do next?

What To Include on a Thank You Page?

  • Your beautiful face to create instant familiarity.
  • A Call-to-action like click to tweet or join a community.
  • Free Content: such as videos or blog directly related to the landing pages’ call-to-action or marketing campaign.

How To Create Thank You Pages in Squarespace

You can literally duplicate your Landing Page (either the Regular page with no distractions or Cover Page) and create a LeadPages worthy Thank You Page. See how easy this can be?

With a simple line of code you can redirect your Landing Page to your Thank You Page for a  seamless user experience.

Website Audit for Heydays Design Thank You Page


Download the 3 Squarespace Hacks for Non-Coders to learn how you can redirect your Landing Page even if you can’t code.

There you have it people: four ways to save yourself cash with Squarespace. I hope you found these helpful. I have  tons of lead pages and completely understand the need for them. The beauty of LeadPages is they seriously help you convert, but if you understand how & why LeadPages helps its users, you can recreate it for yourself.

BTW, I am NOT a LeadPages hater. It’s really a powerful tool, but if you are choosing to go with them simply for a landing page, or to use Convertkit or because the gurus are using it: PUMP YOUR BRAKES.

Be very clear in what they need and the true capabilities of your current tools (like  Squarespace) before you invest.