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Shay Duriel of the Bronze Hustle

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This week I sat down with Shay Duriel of The Bronze Hustle on Heyday’s YouTube series, A Day in the Life. The series is designed to look into the life of our favorite designers and entrepreneurs, learn how they navigate entrepreneurship and get insight into their zone of genius.

I am beyond excited to have Shay on the show! Not only is she my biz bestie who keeps me sane most days, she’s is slaying at content creation for her blog. Shay D. Davis is a 2014 graduate of The University of South Carolina with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications. Shay has worked in the Public Relations field, media and publishing as well as for various online blogs and publications. In 2016, Shay began her own business venture alongside the 9-5 corporate world. Shay created her blog, The Bronze Hustle, to provide resources and tips to black women who are bloggers and online entrepreneurs looking to advance their content marketing strategies.

There’s really  no excuse. Just do it
— Rita Olds-Robinson
For 6 months, I lived in Starbucks. I was finding a way to get it done.
— Shay Duriel
How do you start a blog? Just start.
— Shay Duriel

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