How to Become the Beyonce of Your Niche

How to Become the Beyonce of Your Niche l Beyonce Marketing Genius l Heydays Design l San Diego, CA
Beyonce Marketing Strategies for Web Designers l Heydays Design l Rita Olds-Robinson l San Diego, CA


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Beyonce is everything!

(Psst. Don’t fight me on this!) Design Besties, read more to learn how to become the Beyonce of your niche and have clients more loyal than the BeyHive.

Niche Down

Beyonce reigns as the R&B Queen. She's not a Country singer, Rock singer Punk Rock or Rapper -- she stays in her lane and dominates. Designers you, too, have to find a niche for yourself.

Remember, ya'll: You don’t have to do it all. Figure out what you love & stick to that. 

Graphic Designers, perhaps you ONLY focus on T-shirt design or Logo design.

Web designers, you can niche down by working on one platform or in one industry.

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Create Memorizing Free Content 

If you notice any time you see Beyonce giving anything out for free, such as her Super Bowl performance or her Lemonade HBO special, it is quickly followed by a paid offer.

After the Super Bowl, she dropped Formation tickets and after the Lemonade special, she dropped her album on Tidal.

This created a buzz and people were ready for more and primed to buy. You must do this in your business--create irresistible free content like blog posts, videos, challenges and webinars. Make it so good that your tribe will throw their wallets at you. 

 Learn how you can use Beyonce's Marketing Genius in your Design Business with Business Coaching for Web Designers

Learn how you can use Beyonce's Marketing Genius in your Design Business with Business Coaching for Web Designers


Get Visible

Listen video is KING and Beyonce knows it. Visual albums + performances + Instagram videos =  Beyonce is EVERYWHERE (she even makes the news). You as a designer need to get visible. Get from behind your computer and get in front of a camera or microphone if wanna start slow. 

If you are camera shy, be heard by creating audio content. Create a podcast, test out for a quick simple broadcast radio option, or become a guest on other Podcasts. 

With video, you can go live on Facebook, host webinars, use Instagram stories or create a YouTube channel where people can see your face and interact with you. It is the quickest way to establish trust with your audience and it's the one reason that Beyonce has her fans flocking to her like bees to honey.

Diversify Your Offerings

Beyonce doesn’t have just offer you albums and that’s it. She has hats, phone cases, mugs, shirts, perfume, live shows, audio albums and visual albums. No matter your budget, you can get your Beyonce fix. 

She has loyal fans coming back for more because there’s something to come back to. If you offer only one service, then your clients are one and done. If you want a loyal following, diversify your offerings. As a designer, you can create offer tech tutorials or even offer design templates. 

There you have it 4 ways to get in formation and SLAY! Now go be more like Beyonce.

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are you #slaying in your lane? share your thoughts on how to more like beyonce in your niche.