How to Use Audio Content in Your Design Business

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You don’t mind chatting, but don’t want to get dressed or put on a face to do! I get it. You will shine with Audio Content. You’d much rather share your thoughts and expertise without video editing or typing paragraphs.  Use this to your advantage in your Design Business.

You can start creating audio content to drive more traffic to your website and get in front of your leads. Here are some ideas to show the value of your products or services, educate your leads and brag on yourself (just a little).

Create a podcast to educate your audience on the Design Industry, specially your niche.

It’s the perfect time to create a podcast and the market is wide open. Designers, Illustrators, and Photographers are underrepresented and now is the perfect time for you to turn on your mic and share your knowledge. You’re lively, you love to talk and I can only imagine how great of a storyteller you are. So what’s stopping you?

Podcasts require some planning like an outline or talking points, if you chose, or you can wing it by just hopping on Anchor FM! You can plan as much or as little as you want. Whether you are a super planner or wing your audio content, use your voice to truly educate your audience on what the heck it is that you do, what your processes are and why it's so important to work with you. Content marketing is perfecting for filling in that education gap.

Don’t overthink it. Your podcast can simply be called How to Work with a Web Designer. If you aren’t quite sure you want to CREATE a podcast, reach out to established podcasters to educate your ideal clients on their platform. Whether you are on your own platform or a friend’s get your voice out there and use it to educate.

Ready to share your voice but need ideas? Download this list of content ideas! It's free!

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Record a YouTube Tutorial. No need to show your face, just to the voice over.

Have your community asked you “How do you…?” We get it a lot. Something that  comes soooo easily to us Design Creatives tend confuse the heck out of the average entrepreneur. Let’s use you genius to create even more audio content. You can gather a list of commonly asked questions and answer them with video tutorials. No worried you don’t have to show up on camera, just record the screen and fo a voice over. If you don’t have any tutorials,  involve your tribe by asking them to submit tutorial suggestions.

Spontaneous Audio Content

So you don’t really have time to plan a podcast or a tutorial? You can still use audio content to make an impact. You can! Anchor FM may be perfect for your Design Business. I know you may like spontaneity but sit for an hour to create some guidelines for audio content. Then on the day of pick a topic and go for it. Wonder what topics are best for spontaneous audio?

Incorporate Storytelling with Audio Content

You see, you don’t have to do much planning to still show up and with audio. Spontaneous content can be perfect for your content marketing strategy because it humanizes your brand. You can educate, entertain and inspire your audience. How do you do it? Share your STORY. Talk about why you got into business. Talk about who you serve and why? Share client stories and you helped them get rid of website shame.

You can actually format your talks like a case study.  Case studies are simply stories that:

  • Reveal the challenges your design client faced
  • Highlight how your design process was the solution for your client
  • Clearly shows results (Results can be increased traffic, more sales, more confidence, etc.)
  • Describe the solution you provided.

It’s important that you highlight that your product or service was the key to your client’s challenges. Case studies are perfect for you to use your storytelling skills over the airwaves.

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Ready to share your voice but need ideas? Download this list of content ideas! It's free!

There you have it. Three pretty simple ways you can use audio content in your design business. Audio not your thing? Check out The Designer’s Guide to Blogging or How to Use Audio Content in Your Design Business for more ways to leverage content marketing.


Do you love audio content or not really? If so, how are you using it in your business?