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6 Things To Stop Doing in FB groups

Happy New Year Entrepreneurs! I love the New Year. It’s like everyone is ready to LEVEL UP and I am here for it. Set some goals and crush them. I love seeing entrepreneurs making moves in their businesses and tapping into their community for ideas. But there’s a time and a place to ask Facebook. Admit it, you’ve seen questions in Facebook groups that make you turn your head sideways and say “Really?” As we prepare to own 2018, there are some things you just have to leave in 2017.

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6 Things To Do When Design Business is Slow

It’s holiday season and business can get slow. People are spending time with their families, regrouping, and for once, taking time away from their businesses.

Or your business is slow and the clients aren’t coming in as quickly as you want them too. Don’t fret. A slow season doesn’t have be a “bad” thing. You can finally read that book you’ve been meaning to read, or finish that course you bought a year ago.

Designers, I know we can get antsy when business is slow, so check out the six things you can do when business slows down.


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