4 Reasons Why Web Designers Should Collaborate

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Far too often us web designers work alone, and it's lonely, honey. We are sort of in a silo where we only talk to clients, potential clients and our computer. Seriously how many times have you found yourself talking yourself (or your computer?) I won't tell.

Humans are meant talk & work together.

Life is much easier that way, especially when it comes to your business. Here are four reasons why you should collaborate with other web designers. Don't worry there's enough work for all of us:

1. You Can’t Code

This question gets asked every other day “Does a real web designer have to know how to code?”

And the answer is “No.”

You can definitely design amazing websites without knowing HTML or CSS (code). But there are instances when clients require certain elements that need to be coded and you shouldn’t turn work away; instead you can collaborate with a designer who's really strong in front end development.

Don't allow your inexperience in code stop you: collaborate!

2. Branding Is Not Your Thing

The web designer is truly expected to do a lot and in all honesty our job is to make a website looks visually appealing and to make sure it works. But oftentimes clients want a complete brand identity including logos, typography, color palettes and brand personality.

If this part of web design makes you want to cringe,  don't allow it to stop you.  The beauty of collaborating is you can find someone tho loves what you hate, and deliver something amazing to you client. 

3. It’s impossible to be an expert at everything.

Even within design, one designer really cannot be an expert at everything. If you think about it a web designer can have certain specialties such as CSS and HTML expert, UX designers UI designer,  Illustrators or Visual Designers.

Be honest with yourself are you good at all those things? Probably not, right?  Identify your weak area, search for someone strong in that area, and work together! 

4. Always Keep Learning

When you interact and build community with your peers, there's always opportunity to learn. It's really cool to use the hashtag community over competition, but it's better when it's put into practice.  Make sure you surround yourself with peers that are open to collaboration and open to sharing what they know.


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Rita Olds-Robinson