10 Must Have Features for Your eCommerce Site

10 Must Have Features for Your eCommerce Store
Rita Olds-Robinson Web Designer


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Shopping has changed. Brick & mortar stores are closing every day and buyers are shopping online. If you are selling physical or digital products you absolutely need these ten features for your eCommerce store if you want customers to grab their wallets and buy.


This is on the top of the list for obvious reasons. Potential buyers what to see what you got. So show them. Photos build trust and give visitors an understanding of the product they are buying. So invest in quality photos that show the product from many angles (front, back, side + lifestyle)

If you sell digital products, the same rules apply, use photos. A mock up of a digital product works. 

Product Descriptions

There are different philosophies when it comes to product copy. Some suggest keeping it short and sweet with bulleted lists that outline dimensions and materials; while others suggest telling a compelling story.

I suggest a combination of both! Do what works for your brand. Either way, shoppers expect a description, so include one.

Shipping Information

To many it’s a no brainer to include shipping information on an eCommerce website, but you’d be surprised how many new sites forget to include the shipping policies, so let me say it: INCLUDE YOUR SHIPPING INFORMATION. Shoppers more than ever expect instant satisfaction, so manage their expectations, ESPECIALLY if you aren't giving them Amazon Prime shipping speeds.

Another Tip: Include shipping information at checkout or in the product description. The link in your footer may go overlooked. Btw, there’s no such thing as “too long.” People want what they want and will wait for it, so don’t leave this out because you think it’ll stop people from buying.  

Return Policies

Online shopping is a gift and a curse. You can shop from home but you won’t know what a product really looks like until it arrives. Sometimes, what’s ordered isn’t what a shopper expects, needs or wants, and they need to send it back. You must include your return polices on your website. Be clear on your policies and be repetitive. Make sure every buyer knows and understands them (Perhaps even include a checkbox at checkout to be sure they read & accept the policy). It’s especially important to include your policies if you are not lenient with returns.

Contact Form/Live Chat

Contact forms are the norm now. It’s pretty much a must. The most important feature of a well designed contact page is to guide visitors to find the answers they need and buy. 

But contact forms do not give your visitor instant results. Listen, if a visitor made it through your page, and has a question, they are invested. Don’t miss the sale. I’ve installed PureChat on a client’s site and use it for myself. It’s user-friendly and sends chats as texts. That’s all you need to close a sale.

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If you’ve been in business for a few months, you already know what your people are likely to ask. Instead of repeating yourself, ‘cause who wants to do that?, create a page for your frequently asked questions. If you sell products, your FAQ should include refund, shipping and processing information even if you have dedicated pages for them.

Make sure your FAQ page includes a search button for customers looking for a quick answer. Again, if they are on the FAQ page, they a step closer to clicking “Buy Now”.

Related Items

Ever notice how Marshall’s make  you stand in line with journals, notebooks, headphones, socks and snacks all around you?

Or how WalMart has beefy jerky, chap stick and chocolate near the register?

How many times have you added it to your cart just because?

It’s the upsell and it works. Buyers are impulsive, so take advantage of it. If you sell shoes, consider showing socks as a related item. If you sell pens, consider showing journals in the Related Items section. If you sell digital products, suggest a bundle.  Whatever you sell, add related items to your products TODAY.

Opt-Ins/Coupon Codes

Did I mention buyers are impulsive? Nothing helps make a buyer make an impulsive buy like a deal. So offer one! It’s usually standard to offer a discount for first time buyers who subscribe to your email list. If discounts aren’t your thing, get them on your list at checkout. However you do it, be sure to keep in touch and drive them back to your site to buy again.

User Reviews

User reviews help visitors make buying decisions. Reviews offer potential clients unbiased insight to your product. Visitors know you are trying to sell them, but reviewers don’t. Reviews can get rid of doubts a visitor may have or confirms a visitor’s confidence in about a product.

Give the people what they want and help them make a buying decisions.

PS: It helps with SEO, too.


Show a video of your product. People prefer product video over reading a product descriptions. Shopping has changed. A lot of it’s done online and unfortunately people can’t see what a product looks like in person, but video can close that gap. ASOS shows every product on the runway which gives visitors confidence and assurance the product is for them.

What do you think? What are your must have features for your eCommerce site? Let me know your Top 10 below. 

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