I'm Rita Olds-Robinson

You don’t know if you can keep going through life feeling like an extra in someone else’s movie. 


You CAN't keep clocking into a 9 to 5 and you are ready to LAUNCH

But you've been fumbling with templates, Squarespace and design for what feels like forever. You've invested more time and effort than you ever thought, and still can't catch a break because your website is still a jumbled hot mess of text and graphics, you've got random elements appearing where they shouldn't on your page and no matter how many YouTube videos you watch: girl, it still sucks.


If you’ve ever dreamt of re-inventing everything and having a website with pride and posting links with reckless abandon no longer fearful of what people will find when they get to your page, then you’re in the right place.

Whether you are a designer in need help learning Squarespace CSS, a DIY'er who simply wants to pick a designers brain or an entrepreneur who wants your site designed for you, I’ve got the keys to your success.


I am Rita Olds-Robinson and I am a Web Designer.

I offer courses, consultation, and web design to help entrepreneurs just like you, ready to make serious coins, live the life they’ve always dreamt of. 



Let me tell you how I got here: I’ve been a professional writer in the corporate world for 10 years using my bachelor’s of art from the University of Pittsburgh to write creative copy, technical documentation, and manage projects for Fortune 500 companies including American Eagle Outfitters, Navy Federal Credit Union, Freddie Mac, the US Army and the FAA.

It was BORIIINNNGGG. But as a writer and project manager, I learned the importance of clear communications and strategy and use that in web design. 

In was in my last job as a Project Manager for web developers that I realized web developers make ugly websites and web designers need more coding skills. But I was minding my business until my boyfriend proposed. 

Child, he put a ring on it & I wanted a poppin' wedding website. So I built it with my new found skills. Then a friend asked for one for her business. Then another friend. Then a . popular fashion influencer hired me, and I realized I am on to something here. 

So I merged, my creativity, intentional and strategic communication style, and new found coding skills to feel the void. And here I am! 

I believe in living life on your terms. 

So I took my own damn advice and left the comforts of my 9-t0-5. I couldn't spend one second making other people's dreams come true, so I leaped. I didn't look back. 

The only thing I missed was the 5 AM wake up calls from my grandma, Daisy. She would call me every workday and I'd answer "Hey, Days." So this is for her. 

You’re ready to go after your dreams + I’m here to show you how.

Let's see how we can work together. Schedule your FREE discovery call.