Lesson Four: Your Opt-In & Funnel

Lesson 4 Opt In.png


So you created your signature package. Congrats! Some designers think, that if they build (create) their packages, then clients will come and that is the furtherest thing from the truth. You have to attract, engage and sell to your potential clients. 

This is often where designers fail in there business because they are so busy posting in Facebook groups to get hired that that aren't using diversifying how they attract leads, they aren't offering any free content or engaging their leads, and they assume their leads will buy their product without asking. 

And they are wrong. Here's how you will get the leg up on the competition--

Creating opt-ins that your ideal clients need and engaging them with effective funnels. 

Ready to make competition irrelevant? Check out the video and let's get to work. 

Here are some tools you may need to get your opt-in and funnels going: 

To create opt-in workbooks, worksheets, eBooks, infographics or checklists: 

To deliver your opt-in, engage leads and for email marketing campaigns: