Heydays Design
Website Designer Rita Olds

You: Poppin' Business Owner. Goal Slayer. Side (Soon-to-be Full Time) Hustler. 

who's tired of the same ol'  templates, the same script font and pink branding. (Who said #GirlBosses had to use pink, gold & glitter?)


Me:  Big-haired Web Designer + Squarespace Slayer. 

Boss Lady Dedicated to Helping You live life on your own terms and use your unique youness to create your digital home. 


TOGETHER: We'll create the pixel version of you with all your fierceness,  take back your time and make you some major money, honey. 


YOU   IN? 



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If you are ready for the freedom of entrepreneurship, ready to work for it and ready for a website that's just as fly as you are, then stick around 'cause you are in the right place. 

I can help you if you're: 

  • Over trying to figure out design by yourself 'cause the site  you've DIY'ed is just embarrassing.
  • Ballin' on a budget and refuse to go broke hiring the popular web designer who just raised her prices. 
  • Dreaming of breaking free from the cubicle life and living life on your own terms. 

Ready to live the life you've dreamed of? 

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